Cadresse - Performance Testing

Our M2M test services include simulators capable of generating different types of data to different business processes which can then be sent across any type of network (e.g. Mobile, WiFi etc.) to our aggregation platform, and from there to your enterprise system.

We can also work with your preferred M2M platform supplier to integrate their platform into our lab and simulate a true e2e service. Alternatively, we can integrate with M2M platforms from our existing platforms suppliers for you to be able to assess certain features. This innovative approach, working in an agile manner, can significantly reduce time to market and development costs.

All stages of the service lifecycle can be closely monitored, and each business process can be simulated at any point in the lifecycle to verify points of failure. This feature enables you to verify your e2e business process before committing.

Our highly skilled RAN and Device engineers have the expertise and capability to analyse, investigate and troubleshoot any issues discovered and evolve the right solution.